Educational Seminars

Jackson Claborn, Inc. (JCI) has become known as the company that takes the extra step in educating our clients as well as the real estate community on current real estate issues. JCI offers its residential mortgage clients free seminars. These seminars are typically custom targeted for underwriters, processors, realtors, builders, and other real estate professionals. Past training topics have covered such topics as FHA appraisals, adjustment processes, different valuation processes, how to read and understand an appraisal, as well as detailed market studies of particular market segments. JCI believes that by educating our clients and their vendors, we instill confidence in our clients. JCI believes that is what gives its clients an edge over their competition. JCI has pledged not only time but also valuable resources towards our commitment of being leaders within the real estate industry. The JCI corporate headquarters located in Plano, Texas possesses a state-of-the-art conference center where many of our educational seminars are hosted. This conference center boasts a 9' x 9' granite counter-top table with seating to accommodate 12 people in a boardroom setting. This area also offers peripheral seating to accommodate an additional 20-25 people. Training information is displayed on three, ceiling mounted 35" television screens that are hooked up to an advanced computer system as well as the Internet. This area has also been used for virtual MLS tours in the residential marketplace.